Fiona & Diarmuid Wedding – Kilshane House, Co Tipperary

Fiona & Diarmuid Wedding Photography – Kilshane House, Co Tipperary

I was in Kilshane House recently for Fiona and Diarmuid’s wedding. First time there and hopefully it’s the first of many as it was a very enjoyable day in a very beautiful place. Fiona is from Dublin but her mam is from Kerry, she is actually a neighbour of Diarmuid’s mam from many years ago. Small world!! This is Fiona looking radiant on her way to marry Diarmuid.

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Wedding Photographer at Kilshane House for Fiona & Diarmuid – ATL Photography –
Wedding Videographer at Kilshane House for Fiona & Diarmuid – ATL Videography –
Wedding PhotoBooth at Kilshane House for Fiona & Diarmuid – ATL PhotoBooth –

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