Susan & Tadhg Wedding – Carton House Hotel, Co Kildare

Susan & Tadhg Wedding Photography – Carton House Hotel, Co Kildare

Two things happened on the grounds of Carton House Hotel in Maynooth, Co Kildare on my photographic journey many years ago. Firstly I took my favourite landscape image down near the lake one cold autumn morning and secondly my most awarded and prize winning image was taken on a snow covered golf course a few years later! I had my first wedding there recently with Susan and Tadhg so it was great to be back on the grounds again. It wasn’t quite as cold this time round but the grounds were as stunning as ever. Thanks to you both for allowing me part of your special day and best wishes for the future.

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Wedding Photographer at Carton House Hotel for Susan & Tadhg – ATL Photography –
Wedding Videographer at Carton House Hotel for Susan & Tadhg – ATL Videography –
Wedding PhotoBooth at Carton House Hotel for Susan & Tadhg – ATL PhotoBooth –

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