10 Tips For Perfect Wedding Photographs

Consider this – Once your wedding day has passed, the cake is eaten and the band have packed up and gone home you are just left with memories. The best way to capture those memories is through great wedding photographs which you will look at for the rest of your lives!

Amazing wedding photos don’t just happen; the bride and groom are part of the wedding photography process with their photographer. There are several things you can do to improve your wedding photographs, most of which are simple; as well as some important things to know about your photographer and whether their style works with what you want from the day.

When you first open your wedding album together you want to be WOWED. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, your photographer has given you something unexpected and secondly your photographer has captured something unique and beautiful. Here are some things you can do yourself and insights to think about when choosing a wedding photographer so you can experience the WOW factor!

1. Style And Approach

A photographer can’t be all things to all people. Ask what their photographic style is – Documentary or traditional? Does their approach match with yours? Will they deliver what you expect?

Remember your wedding photos are inextricably linked to the style and type of your wedding photographer. If you are looking for a traditional heavily posed type of wedding photographer, then you shouldn’t choose a photographer who specialises in a documentary style otherwise you are going to be disappointed.

2. Body Language

The best photos look natural, so don’t overthink. A great photographer will make sure they capture you at your best. Be yourself. Smile. Nothing will make you look more beautiful than a genuine smile.

3. Be yourself

Act on the spur of the moment. Do all the things you love to do together. Spontaneous things make great wedding photographs and a great photographer will encourage this.

Jump off walls. Kiss your partner. Hug your dad. Laugh with mom. Dance. Be yourself.

4. Pack a Touch-Up Kit

Tears, hugs, emotion – all that fun means your hair and makeup aren’t going to stay put all night. Lipstick, blotting paper, eye shadow, waterproof mascara, blush, a toothbrush and hairspray (spritz the toothbrush, then use it to target and tame stray hairs) and hairpins are essentials.

5. Stress-Free Photos

If you feel stressed, you’ll look stressed. To avoid harried-looking photos, schedule some time for photos after the ceremony when you look your best. Remember that looking radiant takes stamina so ensure your photographer is aware of all locations and times to help keep delays to a minimum.